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1.4L/1.6L VX Inlet Manifold for Vertical Mounted Engines

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1.4L/1.6L Vauxhall Inlet Manifold for Vertical Mounted Engines


1.4L/1.6L Vauxhall Inlet manifold for vertical mounted engines. This manifold is used for engines that are installed in a bolt upright position (not standard Corsa/Astra installation), the carburettors or throttle bodies will then be parallel to the ground. The manifold is for DCOE carburettors or throttle bodies with a DCOE bolt pattern.
The inlet manifold is designed to allow the carburettors/twin or MT type throttle bodies to sit parallel to the ground, the choice is dependant on whether your engine has been mounted vertically or at 7-degrees. Due to the variations in port shape on the small block 16v engines, the inlet manifold port shape as it meets the head is made to the smallest size, this way the user can modify it to suit the various port shapes available. 

998 in stock