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2.0L XE Turbo Piston Set

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2.0L XE Turbo Pistons


Vauxhall Turbo pistons are now available in both 86.50mm & 87.00mm from a third party supplier, please contact us for details.
Retro Ford featured our Turbo pistons in the April 2008 issue:
Proper Pistons
The guys at SBD aim to please, so after receiving a flurry of enquires they have begun producing a high quality version of the LET/XE Vauxhall piston. It’s being produced to suit an 87mm bore meaning the user to re-bore a standard size that could be worn or damaged, resulting in a perfect finish. The piston has been designed with a large dish thus generating low compression. If this isn’t to your liking and you’d like to raise the compression you can have the head machined to your requirements.

999 in stock