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SBD XE High Spec D/valve Spring, Cap & Platform Kit

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SBD 2.0L XE Ultra High Spec Double Valve Spring, Cap & Platform Kit


SBD have designed a high specification valve spring, cap & platform kit to cope with the ever increasing performance and durability.
The design of the spring is produced to a much higher specification, which involves extra treatments during manufacture. In testing we have found the spring to outlast most springs available by up to 4 times as long. We are now using a special ultra-lightweight steel, which can be machined much thinner than normal materials, in fact can be made virtually the same weight as the titanium cap but with increased durability because Titanium deforms over time. This product is superior in every way and should not be confused with cheaper alternatives.
In combination with our special double valve spring and a new platform to give the correct installed height, the new set will allow for even greater control of the valve train on high performance engines, allowing up to 14.5mm of valve lift with increased durability.
Please see the pdf link for the spring specifications.

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