Astra GTE 16v – 2.0 XE

Email received from Jamie, 2006:
Hi Steve,  
got the car mapped finally after chatting yesterday, mine came back with 230hp at 8057 rpm and 173lbft at 5900 rpm and Darrens got 220hp and 176lbft, the Steves did an excellent job and as I’m sure you aware they really know their stuff.
Cheers Jamie. 
Astra 2.0L XE


  • 20XE with 1mm overbore giving 2044cc
  • 87mm forged Omega race pistons give a comp ratio of 11.5:1
  • SBD/Arrow Steel Con Rods and ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • Heavy duty main bearings, Sputter bigend bearings
  • SBD steel inner oil pump gear and new outer gear
  • SBD nylon relief valve
  • Baffled sump
  • Ported and polished head
  • SBD/Kent Spec cams (inlet 284 duration/11.40mm lift, exhaust 276 duration, 11.04mm lift)
  • SBD/Kent vernier pulleys, Kent valve springs, steel spring caps, steel spring platforms 11mm bronze valve guides
  • 1.2mm cometic steel head gasket
  • ARP head stud kit
  • ARP flywheel bolts
  • MBE 967E 3D programmable engine management with distributor-less ignition
  • Magnecore leads, NGK BCR8ES spark plugs
  • Jenvey 45mm direct to head throttle bodies, 90mm trumpets, pipercross air filter
  • Bosch 304cc injectors
  • Bosch 3.5 bar fixed rate regulator, Bosch 909 fuel pump
  • SBD Type C exhaust manifold, Stealth Systems 2.5″ mandrell bend exhaust, 230bhp @8057 rpm, 173lbft @ 5900rpm. 
2.0L XE
2.0L XE