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Corsa B Kit Car 1996 – 1600cc Vauxhall

Corsa B Kit Car 1996 – 1600cc Vauxhall September 2021Neil contacted us about getting his AiM PDM CAN Datastream set up on the MBE9A4 ECU on his Corsa, Steve logged in remotely for an hour to set it up and went through some of the Easimap options available. Neil emailed us afterwards with details of […]

Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall

Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall CorsaWolfje   CorsaWolfje YouTube Channel    October 2021Email received from Niels in the Netherlands after he had added our logo to his Corsa:‘Dear SBD,Hope you are all doing wellTook a while but here are already some results and posts regarding the SBD stickers and “CorsaWolfje’s Thank You Fender!”. May 2021Email received from […]

Cormeen Motorsport

Cormeen Motorsport Ivan Orr, engine builder in Northern Ireland uses our kits & parts for his customer’s rally cars. His customers have been successful in rally stages over the years. To contact Ivan Orr, Cormeen Motorsport, 79 Cormeen Road, Killylea, Co Armagh. BT60 4NA Telephone: 07713154015 Email received from Ivan in November 2008: My engines […]

Vauxhall Tigra – 1.6L Vauxhall Turbo

Vauxhall Tigra – 1.6L Vauxhall Turbo Steve flew to Athens especially to program Aris’ 1.6L Vauxhall turbo-powered Tigra. The engine was mapped on the road & rolling road, once finished Steve said it was the nicest turbo car that he’d ever mapped. It was beautifully smooth & torquey producing good throttle response.   Aris emailed […]

Citroen C1 Max – Vauxhall 1600cc 16v

Citroen C1 Max – Vauxhall 1600cc 16v Email received from Rhidian, March 2015. Hi Craig /All at SBD  To start I’m just going to say thank you for supplying an engine that does what it says on the box more than happy. Ordered a full 210 package with some extras and had 209.4, if I’m […]

Westfield – 1.6L Vauxhall

Westfield – 1.6L Vauxhall  We saw Brian at Castle Combe in March 2014, where he had finally managed to get an entry after 5 years of trying.  He finished 3rd in Class with 152.73s.   We caught up with Brian at Pembrey, June 2013 where he was still enjoying the Westfield, he was 3rd in […]

Westfield SEiW – 1.6L Vauxhall

Westfield SEiW – 1.6L Vauxhall Gary bought a Hayabusa 1600cc powered OMS25 for the 2014 season and had a good start coming 3rd Overall, 2nd in Class at Doune on the 20 April.    2007 Events  Divisional Winner Modified Production Car in Scottish Sprint Championship 2007  Forrestburn Speed Hillclimb – 1st in Class & 3rd […]

Vauxhall Nova – 1.6L 16V Vauxhall

Vauxhall Nova – 1.6L 16V Vauxhall Graham’s new 1.6L 16v Vauxhall engine was built by Dave Wild at DTW Engines in April 2013 with our taper throttle body kit.   Message from Graham after crash in Race 1 at Brands Hatch May 2013: ‘D’oh !!’    Email received Graham updating us on his 2010 season:Hi […]

Corsa A – 1.6L Vauxhall

Corsa A – 1.6L Vauxhall Tobias of Auchter KFZ, France messaged us on Facebook to say that the 1.6L Vauxhall engine in his Corsa A racecar was still going strong, he had bought our dry sump system in 2012.   He also included a video of it on the rolling road showing 227bhp. View video on […]

RCL Westfield SEI – 1.6L Vauxhall

RCL Westfield SEI – 1.6L Vauxhall Well Done to Stuart Wood, Overall Winner of the SBD Speed Championship 2010 Wiscombe hillclimb 24Apr – Stuart: 1st in Class:45s, Philip: 3rd in Class:47.64s  Wiscombe hillclimb 25Apr – Stuart: 1st in Class:44.91s, Philip: 4th in Class:48.18s   Goodwood sprint  5May – Stuart: 1st in Class, New Class Record:94.45s  […]