Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall




October 2021
Email received from Niels in the Netherlands after he had added our logo to his Corsa:
‘Dear SBD,
Hope you are all doing well
Took a while but here are already some results and posts regarding the SBD stickers and “CorsaWolfje’s Thank You Fender!”.

May 2021
Email received from Niels in the Netherlands with his 1600cc Vauxhall powered Corsa:
‘Here is some action and picture from the 8h of Zandvoort on may 8th 2021 :)’

June 2020
Email received from Niels with his 1600cc Corsa:
Hi, Just keep you guys updated,
I mounted the heavy duty idler. Very nice.
Raced 4+ hours intensively on Zandvoort last Friday and no problems or weird rattles I use to had with the original spanner/idlers.
In addition; Last Friday I knocked of a whopping 2.6s and now doing a 2m14s9 on Zandvoort with my 1600cc Corsa. Hhaha!

Enjoy the video:

Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall, Corsawolfje
Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall, Corsawolfje