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3.5L V8 Judd Lola

TEGRA Racing 3.5L V8 Judd Lola The TEGRA Racing Judd Lola is shared by Terry Holmes and Graham Porrett, they compete in the British Sprint Championship & HSA Speed Championship. The 3.5L V8 Judd engine is controlled by our MBE9A9 ECU, which manages the engine, gearbox, launch and traction control.   2022 Events Kirkistown, 7 […]

Toyota Castrol Racing

Toyota Castrol Racing We went Denmark in 2003 for Toyota Castrol Racing. The cars were Toyota Corolla T-Sports, the engines were built in the UK and the MBE electronics were supplied by SBD. Steve & Kim travelled to Denmark to prepare for a round of the Danish Touring Championship. Various tests were carried out and […]

Jedi – 1.1 Jedi-Yamaha Mk1

Jedi – 1.1 Jedi-Yamaha Mk1 Henryk has been running a standalone system trickshifter system on his Yamaha powered Jedi Mk1 controlling both up & down shift.   Email received from Henryk after fitting the trickshifter system to his car: Hi Steve .Just a quick note to say that I pulled a hat-trick on FTDs by […]

RS200 – 8-injector 1.8L Cosworth BDT

RS200 – 8-injector 1.8L Cosworth BDT Update February 2018: The RS200 that we had at our workshop last year to do the initial set up on the new MBE9A8 ECU finally went on the dyno at DTW Engines, so mapped the 8-injector 1.8L Cosworth BDT, that is now 1952cc engine in a relatively mild state […]

Blaze Motorsport

Blaze Motorsport We supply management systems & components to John Hewat of Blaze Motorsport for many different projects.   Blaze Motorsport Website   TVR Tuscan racecar with 4.6L John Eales engine March 2019 Steve went testing to Llandow with Blaze Motorsport, we spent the day mapping the new 4.6L John Eales engine, which replaced the […]

Turbo Technics Special – 2.3L EcoBoost

Turbo Technics Special – 2.3L EcoBoost May 2018 Geoff Kershaw, boss of Turbo Technics has developed his 2.3L EcoBoost and has now finished its first stage of development, ready to go in the car. Geoff has carried out fairly extensive modifications to the internals of the 2.3L EcoBoost and produced a prototype development turbo including […]

Gould GR55 – 4.0L Judd V8

Gould GR55 – 4.0L Judd V8 Jason finished 6th Overall in the British Hillclimb Championship 2018   Events 201812 Aug, Shelsley Walsh – British Hillclimb Run offs: R23 – =4th 26.06s29 July, Wiscombe – British Hillclimb Run offs: R23 – 2nd 41.58s, R24 – 1st 40.97s21 July, Vals des Terres – British Hillclimb Run offs: R21 […]

Suzuki Motorsport

Suzuki Motorsport, Denmark Claus emailed us in January 2012 with the latest pictures from Suzuki Motorsport DK / CJ Rally of the Swift Maxi 2000 using the MBE 9A4 ECU – 265 hp 241 Nm. The cars are run according to Group N regulations.    Website: www.suzukimotorsport.dk  

Caterham Superlight SV – 2.3L Cosworth

Caterham Superlight SV – 2.3L Cosworth Email received March 2013 from Karl in the USA, who has our high lift camshafts and MBE9A4 ECU on his 2.0L Duratec powered Caterham Superlight: It started out as an R400, but I just couldn’t leave well enough.  The specs are as follows: 1. SBD High Lift Cams (plus […]

Sunbeam – 2.0L XE & Autograss – 1.4L 8v

Tim & Josh Simpson Sunbeam – 2.0L XE Autograss – 1.4L 8v Josh’s Autograss car is running a 1400cc 8v using our MBE9A4, loom and fuel system.   Tim’s Sunbeam is powered by a 2.0L XE using our high torque 278/269 solid profile cams with accompanying double valve springs and Titanium valve caps, 87mm Omega […]