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Sportscar – Suzuki Hayabusa

Sportscar – Suzuki Hayabusa 1600cc Francesco in Italy bought our SBD tapered throttle body kit and camshafts for his Hayabusa powered Sportscar.   April 2019:Francesco sent us a picture of his sportscar ready for the 2019 season. January 2019:Francesco sent us pictures of his latest engine build, Suzuki Hayabusa 1600 with our taper throttle body […]

Radical – Hayabusa

Radical – Hayabusa Neil has won the Group 2A open/closed Sports 0-1600 class in the Australian Hillclimb Championship 2 years in a row and hopefully 2018 as well. He also said that he ‘particularly loves the rev limit beeper, no more looking at a shift light’.   2017 NSW Hillclimb Championship, Huntley Climb 2017 N.S.W. […]

Sportscar – 2.0L Duratec

Juno Sports Proto – 2.0L Duratec Craig Fleming had taken a year off from Sportscar racing to compete in Production GTi Championship. The engine now fully rebuilt and re-installed in the Juno by Alex, (Craig’s brother).    Team Fleming have now taken the car to Donington Park for a pre-season shake down in preparation for […]

Radical SR3 – Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc

Radical SR3 – Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc Richard in New Zealand has our MBE management system on his Hayabusa powered Radical.    Email received April 2015: Hi Steve,I bought a MBE off you a while back for my Radical SR3 1300, and I wanted to let you know it is all going really well. Thank you! […]

Radical Prosport – Suzuki Hayabusa 1299cc

Radical Prosport – Suzuki Hayabusa 1299cc Email received in July 2015 from Jonny in Sweden who has our Hayabusa TP200+bhp Race spec kit, this includes SBD taper throttle bodies, MBE9A4 ECU & wiring harness, SBD dry sump system and various other internal components.   ‘Four races so far this year. Two wins and two third […]

Stohr DSR – Hayabusa

Stohr DSR – Hayabusa Our throttle bodies have been added to the standard engine with the latest high specification MBE9A9 ECU, which not only controls the engine & monitors the fuelling to keep it continually optimised, it also controls the gearbox & water pump. The car is prepared by John Hewat of Blaze Motorsport.   […]

Sportscar, 2.0L XE

Team Stedile, Brazil Sportscar, 2.0L XE  We received an email from Joacir in Oct 2008:  Dears Steve/Carole, After four of the five races of the Brasilian Endurance Championship we already have the tittle. Last Sunday/28, after three hours of a tough race, we won in a great battle against 38 cars and inherited the Brazilian […]