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GulfSport Racing

GulfSport Racing, Dubai Steve’s visit in August 2016 to GulfSport Racing in Dubai: While Steve was working for GulfSport Racing, he had five cars to map and one of the cars was mapped twice with both pump and race fuel. The first car was started on Sunday morning and the final car was finished on […]

Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door)

Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door) DMP Motorsport   May 2014We received an update from DMP Motorsport after their first race of the season, they have upgraded their engine to our TP225 kit.‘Yesterday we had our first race of the year and the first race with our newly built engine with lots of SBD parts […]

Astra Group A

Astra Group A  Email received from the Mariani brothers in Italy, September 2011:We met SBD in 2009 when we decided to upgrade our Astra gr. N with the MBE ECU. After a little work of development we gained fantastic 10 horsepower and a very good torque. We were very satisfied of the technical competence and […]

Opel Kadett GSi – 2.1L C20XE

Opel Kadett GSi – 2.1L C20XE  Johan’s 2.1L C20XE has been built with our 4th upgrade taper throttle kit although Johan arranged for the headwork to be done himself. He also has a dry sump system.   Information received January 2008:Opel Kadett GSI 16v -89 (Vauxhall Astra mk2 GTE 16v)drysumped 260bhp 248nm N/A with 33/29 […]

Astra GTE 16v – 2.0 XE

Astra GTE 16v – 2.0 XE Email received from Jamie, 2006: Hi Steve,   got the car mapped finally after chatting yesterday, mine came back with 230hp at 8057 rpm and 173lbft at 5900 rpm and Darrens got 220hp and 176lbft, the Steves did an excellent job and as I’m sure you aware they really […]

Vauxhall Astra, 2.0L XE

Vauxhall Astra, 2.0L XE Letter received from Andy in October 2005: It started life as a 1.6 16v sport which I paid £150 for, due to engine damage. I had a 2.0 litre 16v in the car we were selling with the SBD 208 kit fitted, so I swapped it into the sport. It stayed […]

Astra – 2.0L XE

Astra – 2.0L XE Darren’s comments: I’ve run the Astra for several weeks successfully now, and attended a rolling road event at Gerald Dale Motorsport Saturday 12th March.  I was pleased to find that the setup was making good power, and the early run in the morning made 189bhp at 6333rpm with peak torque of […]