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Corsa B Kit Car 1996 – 1600cc Vauxhall

Corsa B Kit Car 1996 – 1600cc Vauxhall September 2021Neil contacted us about getting his AiM PDM CAN Datastream set up on the MBE9A4 ECU on his Corsa, Steve logged in remotely for an hour to set it up and went through some of the Easimap options available. Neil emailed us afterwards with details of […]

GulfSport Racing

GulfSport Racing, Dubai Steve’s visit in August 2016 to GulfSport Racing in Dubai: While Steve was working for GulfSport Racing, he had five cars to map and one of the cars was mapped twice with both pump and race fuel. The first car was started on Sunday morning and the final car was finished on […]

Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall

Corsa, 1600cc Vauxhall CorsaWolfje   CorsaWolfje YouTube Channel    October 2021Email received from Niels in the Netherlands after he had added our logo to his Corsa:‘Dear SBD,Hope you are all doing wellTook a while but here are already some results and posts regarding the SBD stickers and “CorsaWolfje’s Thank You Fender!”. May 2021Email received from […]

Opel Kadett – Vauxhall 2.0L XE

Opel Kadett – Vauxhall 2.0L XE Nelson Rocha, with Rocha & Soares, Opel Kadett with 2.0L Vauxhall Turbo (C20LET) with our cams, valve train, drys ump kit and heavy duty cam belt kit competing in a Portuguese Drifting Championship.   Email received from Pedro, Rocha & Soares, Portugal in August 2017:I’ve recieved the order.We just […]

Vauxhall Tigra – 1.6L Vauxhall Turbo

Vauxhall Tigra – 1.6L Vauxhall Turbo Steve flew to Athens especially to program Aris’ 1.6L Vauxhall turbo-powered Tigra. The engine was mapped on the road & rolling road, once finished Steve said it was the nicest turbo car that he’d ever mapped. It was beautifully smooth & torquey producing good throttle response.   Aris emailed […]

Astra – 2.0L XE

Astra – 2.0L XE Darren’s comments: I’ve run the Astra for several weeks successfully now, and attended a rolling road event at Gerald Dale Motorsport Saturday 12th March.  I was pleased to find that the setup was making good power, and the early run in the morning made 189bhp at 6333rpm with peak torque of […]

Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door)

Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door) DMP Motorsport   May 2014We received an update from DMP Motorsport after their first race of the season, they have upgraded their engine to our TP225 kit.‘Yesterday we had our first race of the year and the first race with our newly built engine with lots of SBD parts […]

Vauxhall Nova – 2.0L XE

Vauxhall Nova – 2.0L XE E-mail received July 2003 from Nick after he had brought his Nova to SBD:   Just a quick note….  Thank you very much for sorting the car out on Thurs / Fri, definitely well worth the trip! The drive home was brill 🙂 everything about the car is better.  I […]

Vauxhall Nova – 1.6L 16V Vauxhall

Vauxhall Nova – 1.6L 16V Vauxhall Graham’s new 1.6L 16v Vauxhall engine was built by Dave Wild at DTW Engines in April 2013 with our taper throttle body kit.   Message from Graham after crash in Race 1 at Brands Hatch May 2013: ‘D’oh !!’    Email received Graham updating us on his 2010 season:Hi […]

Opel Kadett GSi – 2.1L C20XE

Opel Kadett GSi – 2.1L C20XE  Johan’s 2.1L C20XE has been built with our 4th upgrade taper throttle kit although Johan arranged for the headwork to be done himself. He also has a dry sump system.   Information received January 2008:Opel Kadett GSI 16v -89 (Vauxhall Astra mk2 GTE 16v)drysumped 260bhp 248nm N/A with 33/29 […]