Corsa B Kit Car 1996 – 1600cc Vauxhall

September 2021
Neil contacted us about getting his AiM PDM CAN Datastream set up on the MBE9A4 ECU on his Corsa, Steve logged in remotely for an hour to set it up and went through some of the Easimap options available.

Neil emailed us afterwards with details of his Corsa, when we asked if we could add it to our website:

Just to say thanks again.
Just reversed the can data stream to my aim pdm and all functions including gear numeric read as expected.
Thank you again.

I have no problem at all with that, it’s great to get proper advice and tech support so my thanks is the least I can do.
My car is a 1996 Corsa B Kit Car
Currently it runs a 1600 16v taper throttle body setup. Originally supplied by you but now mated to a bill falconer 220bhp engine.
Gearing is through a 6 speed sadev st 75-14 sequential gearbox and ferocious 355mm AP brakes.
This lockdown has seen me rewire the car with a homemade custom loom through an aim pdm 32 and 6” display and mate that using a can bus to the 9a4 ecu.
I’m very happy with the result and I can now, thanks to Steve, have the gearbox closed loop flat shift and gear display using the ecu supplied data to the aim display.

Corsa B Kit Car 1996 - 1600cc Vauxhall
Corsa B Kit Car 1996 - 1600cc Vauxhall
Corsa B Kit Car 1996 - 1600cc Vauxhall