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Van Diemen RF 96 – 2.0L SBD Duratec

Van Diemen RF 96 – 2.0L SBD Duratec Steve Miles’ (Moleracing) Van Dieman is powered by an SBD Duratec 307bhp spec with electronic throttle using the same software and upgrades as the SBD Dallara. Steve writes reports during his racing seasons, older reports can be found on the Nottingham Car Club Website. For full results, […]

Partridge Green Motorsport

Partridge Green Motorsport PGM are a small team based in West Sussex specialising in Caterham’s. They cater for all Caterham owners from those enjoying it as a road car, testing it on trackdays, spinting, hill climbing or racing. We have been working in collaboration with PGM on their 620R and 620S engine upgrade kits which use […]

Escort Mk2, 2.0L Duratec

Escort Mk2, 2.0L Duratec Paul and his dad Colin have been building his Mk2 Escort for 11 years. It is powered by a standard 2.0L Duratec engine with our TP203 kit and using our high specification taper throttle bodies. It has a MBE9A4 ECU with coil on plug set up, rad fan and electric water […]

Caterham 620R – Supercharged 2.0L Duratec

Caterham 620R – Supercharged 2.0L Duratec Tormod has been working on upgrading his Caterham 620R over the past couple of years, but due to the pandemic this has slowed things down dramatically. Steve was supposed to fly over last year to Norway and map the engine for him on 98RON pump fuel and 110 Octane […]

Caterham R500 – 2.0L Duratec

Caterham R500 – 2.0L Duratec Nori from Japan emailed us in March 2020 after finishing the installation of his 2.0L Duratec engine with our CNC’d Duratec cam cover: ‘Last year, you sent me an “SBD CNC cam cover”. That is a wonderful product.’ ‘My7 is equipped with MBE9A4, SBD OMEGA 88mm pistons, SBD CNC Cam […]

Van Dieman – 2.0L Duratec

Van Dieman – 2.0L Duratec Bill sadly passed away in November 2018 peacefully at home, he will be missed by all. Bill Gouldthorpe sold his car to Steve Miles (Moleracing) & it will be out competing next season 2011 with new body work. Bill share-drove the car for the Tunbridge Wells sprint at Goodwood & […]

Escort – 2.0L Duratec

Escort – 2.0L Duratec Craig Fleming who normally races his sportscar in the BRSCC OSS Championship, decided he liked the idea of getting an Escort rally car. His Escort is powered by a 2.0L Duratec with our 290+bhp kit and has a MBE9A4 ECU with flat shift and electric water pump control.    He emailed […]

Shebdon Plant Hire – Martin, Sam & Ben Gould

Shebdon Plant Hire – Martin, Sam & Ben Gould Sam Gould British Overall Champion 2016 Class 3 Autograss 2017 British Champion 2016 British Champion 2015 British Champion 2014 British Champion Class 9 Autograss 2013 British Championship Winner 2013 National Championship Winner Sam also took part in the Live Arena show at Autosport International Show 2014. […]

Westfield – 2.0L Duratec

Westfield – 2.0L Duratec In January 2018, Steve went out to Kuwait to program the Bader’s Westfield, first on a rolling road, then on a road out in the desert because they were unable to access a race track.   In Autumn 2017, the SBD 2.0L Duratec Westfield chassis was sold to our customer Bader, […]

Escort Mk2 – 2.0L Duratec

Escort Mk2 – 2.0L Duratec  Message via Facebook received from Paul after finishing 5th Overall, 1st in Class at Weston Park Rally, 20th March 2016: ‘Another event and another 1st in class thanks to the incredible power plant from SBD. Thats 3 events on the trot that we’ve taken the 2-litre class honours, and two […]