Caterham 620R – Supercharged 2.0L Duratec

Tormod has been working on upgrading his Caterham 620R over the past couple of years, but due to the pandemic this has slowed things down dramatically.

Steve was supposed to fly over last year to Norway and map the engine for him on 98RON pump fuel and 110 Octane race fuel, but due to the limitations on travelling still, Steve carried out the work remotely by TeamViewer. Initially some time logged on to start the car up, smooth out the idling and check all the systems, then some driveability runs at low speed on the road to get the traffic driveability smooth, which is normally the hardest part to do, so quite a lot of time was spent on this. Then Tormod had booked a rolling road for the following week, where it was fully mapped for the two types of fuel. After which Tormod then re-tested the car on the road to ensure that no further driveability work was required.

Caterham 620R

Tormod’s report:
Originally the car had 270 whp and I thought it was fast. After the power upgrade and the rolling road session with SBD motorsport it made 312whp on 98RON. It is now an understatement to say it is fast, it is immense! 10km/h more on the straight and significantly reduced lap time, and the car is in fact easier to drive and control on the limit due to better throttle response. The cruising and driveability in low speed is also much improved compared to the original map. I can’t wait to try the 110 octane race fuel map and 333 whp 🙂

Partridge Green Motorsport have been developing upgrades for the Caterham 620R to refine the performance and driveability, they have produced a range of packages for this. All the installation works is normally carried out at their workshops. Please refer all enquires directly to them