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Installing Easimap 6 & Updates using Windows 11

Installing Easimap 6 & Updates using Windows 11 Includes possible Driver issues This software is free of charge and the information within this instruction sheet will guide you through installing and setting it up. If you are still struggling with installation, we suggest that you contact an IT specialist for assistance because it will be […]

Helpful hints when starting your engine

Helpful hints if you have trouble getting your engine to run When installing an ECU and wiring harness for the first time, it is normally quite straightforward with our systems to get them up and running. They are normally pre-programmed by us ready to start your engine, using the information you have provided when ordering […]

Helpful hints – MBE ECU Diagnostic Options

Helpful hints – MBE ECU Diagnostic Options MBE ECU diagnostic options including how to test with and without Easimap 6 software. Please be aware that Technical Support involving our Technicians is chargeable

LM9A4-OBD-COMMS Connection Information

LM9A4-OBD-COMMS Connection Information Free technical support is available on our website. If you require personalised technical support training, this is available at a chargeable rate.