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Sylvia Stylus – 2.0L XE

Sylvia Stylus – 2.0L XE We received a message via Facebook from Phil in May 2021, who owns the XE powered Sylvia Stylus, which was originally owned by our friend Andy Bailey. It was great to hear this lovely car is still going well after 25 years. A shame that our friend Andy is not […]

Lynx AE

Lynx AE Lynx AE – Suzuki Hayabusa Lynx XE are now running our systems on their Lynx AE LR1, 2 seat Leman inspired GT car & the new LR1300, a closed top GT car, Both car run the 1300cc Suzuki hayabusa. It runs in the 750MC Bike sports championship.   To see more details, view […]

Luego Sports Cars

Luego Sports Cars Luego Sports Cars are a kitcar manufacturer based in Aberdeenshire that provide a full range of services to the kit and classic car owner, including custom wiring, engine builds, fuel injection conversion and IVA advice. For more information view their website and Facebook page   Email received from Ben after completion of […]

MK Indy – Vauxhall 2.0L XE

MK Indy – Vauxhall 2.0L XE The car is an MK Indy running 2.0 XE with SBD Throttle Body kit, SBD sump, MBE management system giving 245 Bhp, SBD airbox, Steel Arrow Rods & Pistons, Quaiffe type 9 gearbox & Quaiffe ATB diff.   Email received from Jon Crofts re the air box & back […]

Lotus 23B

Lotus 23B Email received May 2008 from Tom, who built this Lotus 23B from scratch: Hello Kim, I built this Lotus 23B from scratch 1990 ; the chassis is made from Sandvik high strength 55.UTS stainless steel Tig welded in a special jig I made……..5 link reverse rear wishbones and a total of 22 Aircraft […]