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Land Speed Motorcycle – Hayabusa turbo 1300cc

Land Speed Motorcycle – Hayabusa turbo 1300cc Email received from Jerome Klawitter, August 2018:   Attached are pictures of my land speed motorcycle. Engine: 1300 cc Hayabusa, SBD dry sump, Garret GT35R turbo, ice water interccoler, MoTeC M130/PDM30/C125, hi-performance crank. rods pistons, clutch gear box, etc. Speed: top speed so far 262mph. goal 300 mph, […]

Escort Mk1 – 2.0L XE

Escort Mk1 – 2.0L XE Peter Elliott’s Escort MkI powered by 2.0L XE with one of our carburettor kits. Shown below at Santa Pod. Santa Pod run Peter has the following components on his car: 150mm Straight up Bellhousing 7 ¼ ” Steel Flywheel 7 ¼ ” Super Clutch Modified clutch lever & bearing (release) […]

Opel Kadett GSi – 2.1L C20XE

Opel Kadett GSi – 2.1L C20XE  Johan’s 2.1L C20XE has been built with our 4th upgrade taper throttle kit although Johan arranged for the headwork to be done himself. He also has a dry sump system.   Information received January 2008:Opel Kadett GSI 16v -89 (Vauxhall Astra mk2 GTE 16v)drysumped 260bhp 248nm N/A with 33/29 […]

Escort Mk1 – 2.0L XE

Escort Mk1 – 2.0L XE Kevin used his XE powered Escort Mk1 on the drag strip, competing in the Old Skool Ford Drag Championship, achieving 10.6s quarter mile @122mph. His Vauxhall XE engine had our 2.0L XE Carburettor kit. Kevin’s Escort was featured in Classic Ford, November 2008 Kevin Jenkins at Shakespeare County Raceway for […]