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SBD Westfield – 1.6L EcoBoost

SBD Westfield – 1.6L EcoBoost The 1.6L EcoBoost SBD Westfield is being driven by a few drivers depending on the event, they include Zoe, Steve, Matt and Carole. 2023 Lydden, 15 July Report Abingdon CAR-nival Sprint, 10 June Report Lydden, 20 May Report February Steve finished put the Westfield back together with the parts that […]

Ford Fiesta Special – 1.6L EcoBoost

Ford Fiesta Special – 1.6L EcoBoost Bigskidz Racing Team Their 1.6L EcoBoost powered Fiesta was built in 2003 by Ford Motorsport Germany as a 24hr “special“ group N race car and as far as the owner is aware is was one of eight built. It was originally running a 1.6L Zetec engine producing 160bhp, but […]

Darrian T90 GTR+ – 1.6L EcoBoost

Darrian T90 GTR+ – 1.6L EcoBoost Jeremy’s Darrian is powered by Moose Speed Race & Rally Ltd. 1.6L EcoBoost engine. April 2022Report from Moose Speed Race & Rally:This past weekend, Jeremy Straker and Jack Bowen were out completing in the Ford 1.6 EcoBoost powered Darrian GTR+ on the Corbeau Seats Rally Tending and Clacton, which […]

Darrian T90 GTR – 1.6L EcoBoost

Darrian T90 GTR – 1.6L EcoBoost Mark finished 4th Overall, 3rd in Class at the Glyn Memorial Stages at Anglesey, November 2021: Facebook Report:Glyn Memorial Stages 2021- a real mixed bag of an event as we learnt more about the car. Finishing 4th O/A and 3rd in class after holding 2nd place through all the […]

Moose Speed Race & Rally Ltd

Moose Speed Race & Rally Ltd Moose Speed Race & Rally Facebook page Mark Straker of Moose Speed Race & Rally has been developing the Ford 1.6L EcoBoost engine for stage rallying, with a 34mm restrictor. They are the sole agents for 1.6L EcoBoost rally kits, including: Ford 1.6L EcoBoost engine kit producing 301bhp & […]

Darrian GTR – 1.6L EcoBoost

Darrian GTR – 1.6L EcoBoost Mark competed in the Harry Flatters Rally at Epynt on 28th July 2019, he was delighted to finish 3rd Overall, 1st 2WD, 1st Darrian & 1st in Class. For a full report, please see his Moose Speed Race & Rally Facebook page    Pictures below courtesy of Black Mountains Media […]

Caterham – 1.6L EcoBoost

Caterham – 1.6L EcoBoost Richard Aley has just completed converting his Caterham to the 1.6L EcoBoost using our MBE9A6 DI ECU and wiring harness programmed to run the standard engine. The engine is equipped with our EcoBoost dry sump system, which is always recommended by SBD for track use.  He also has the new MBE9MD […]

Escort Mk2 – 1.6L EcoBoost

Escort Mk2 – 1.6L EcoBoost July 2018 Damian at Daytuner Tuning Centre has been setting up the revised version of our 1.6L EcoBoost kit with upgraded turbo to suit the Escort installation that Lee has carried out on his Mk2 Escort. Lee loves the Mk2 Escort and has carried various engine installation ranging from 2.0L […]