Darrian T90 GTR – 1.6L EcoBoost

Mark finished 4th Overall, 3rd in Class at the Glyn Memorial Stages at Anglesey, November 2021:

Facebook Report:
Glyn Memorial Stages 2021- a real mixed bag of an event as we learnt more about the car.
Finishing 4th O/A and 3rd in class after holding 2nd place through all the wet Stages on Saturday. Achieved 5 fastest stage times.
Starting on a greasy damp track on Sunday caused us to drop time to the 4 wheel drive R5s into 4th place, but no surprise really. As it dried started to reel the R5s in and finished a strong safe 4th and first 2wd car only 6 seconds of 2nd place
Great competition all round and awesome to be mixing it with both 4wd cars and Darrians. Great craic
Car ran amazing all weekend, totally committed drive from Mark. Our continued thanks to our sponsors SBD Motorsport and Mark Straker for their support.
Well done to team CSG Rallying for winning the event
Huge thanks to C+A Motorclub and all the marshalls for putting on an amazing event in the rain and cold

Darrian T90 GTR - 1.6L EcoBoost

Mark finished 2nd Overall at the Adgespeed Stages Rally at Three Sisters, October 2021:

Facebook Report:
Adgespeed Stages Rally… 2nd Overall, our best result ever and only 5 seconds off a win…a number of stage wins this pm. Car developing well now and showing good pace, we’re really pleased but more to come for sure! Smithy drove like he stole it and big thanks to Matt for helping out look after the car.💥 continued thanks to our sponsors SBD Motorsport….Happy days 😉

Mark finished 4th Overall, 1st in Class & fastest 2WD car at the JRT Enville Stages Rally at Anglesey, July 2021:

Facebook Report:
Cracking day in the car with Tim Nunn, not without its probs.. small issue on stage 1 and 5 led us to have to fight our way back up to 4th overall, 1st in class and top 2wd amongst a field of R5’s
We had been running 3rd until dropping to 10th before the fight back up, only loosing 3rd by 3 seconds!
Thanks to SBD Motorsport and Mark Straker for on event support.

Facebook report from Mark after finishing 3rd Overall in the CompBrake Rally Stages, May 2021:

After many many hours in the garage over the last year we had our maiden Rally at the Compbrake stages.
Somehow managed 3rd overall even with a spin and a stall.
Thanks to Tim Nunn for top co driving as always, he’s always more than just showing me where to go.
Also thanks to Phil Turner and Matt Pierce for servicing on the day and help with setup and tyre choice.
And mustn’t forget Mark Straker of MooseSpeed
And Steve Broughton of SBD Motorsport for ongoing development and support.
Early days with the car, but it looks promising with plenty more to come out of it.

Darrian T90 GTR - 1.6L EcoBoost
Darrian T90 GTR - 1.6L EcoBoost

After selling his 2.4L Duratec powered Escort, Mark bought his Darrian in 2019 and proceeded to convert it to 1.6L EcoBoost power. Mark Straker of Moose Speed Race & Rally build the engine using SBD Motorsport components and our specially designed management system MBE9A6 and wiring harness.

Darrian T90 GTR - 1.6L EcoBoost
SBD 1.6L EcoBoost