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Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door)

Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door) DMP Motorsport   May 2014We received an update from DMP Motorsport after their first race of the season, they have upgraded their engine to our TP225 kit.‘Yesterday we had our first race of the year and the first race with our newly built engine with lots of SBD parts […]

Fiesta ST – Group A

Razvan Vlad, MAXYrally Fiesta ST – Group A Email received from Razvan Vlad, Australia in March 2012: The car was originally build using a Ford Fiesta ST150 production car and the Group N M-sport kit. We did two seasons with it in this spec, and managed to win both the State and National 2WD Rally […]

Astra Group A

Astra Group A  Email received from the Mariani brothers in Italy, September 2011:We met SBD in 2009 when we decided to upgrade our Astra gr. N with the MBE ECU. After a little work of development we gained fantastic 10 horsepower and a very good torque. We were very satisfied of the technical competence and […]