Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door)

DMP Motorsport


May 2014
We received an update from DMP Motorsport after their first race of the season, they have upgraded their engine to our TP225 kit.
‘Yesterday we had our first race of the year and the first race with our newly built engine with lots of SBD parts (225TB kit). The engine goes like h*ll! The power on the straight is amazing! We drive in a 6 hour endurance series, we started at the very last place, there is no qualifying, the order is set from previous races or season, and we didn’t drive last year. Our first man behind the wheel took us to first position within 19 laps at Gelleråsen, Karlskoga. But then we lost a bit too much time in the pits refueling. Drove from 8th to 4th in the next hour and a half and had a good chance at that podium. The car continued to feel great, both engine and chassis. But after 3h 20min we had to pull in to the pits with some vibrations. We haven’t taken anything apart yet, but we think it’s the bearing in the crankshaft (spigot?) that has broken. Couldn’t select any gears with the engine running.
Anyway, were pretty pleased anyway with the day and we’ll sort this problem out and head for the podium in the next race!’

September 2013
We received an email our customer DMP Motorsport, to who we originally supplied with a Group N+ kit, they have now upgraded to our 2.0L XE taper throttle body TP225 kit. 

Car: Opel Kadett GSI 1990 (4 door)
Engine: C20XE 2022cc. 86,5 mm Wiseco racing pistons. H-profile conrods. 
SBD hydraulic camshafts and vernier pulleys. Ported cylinder head. SBD tapered throttle bodies. Steel oil pump gear. Bosch 986 injectors. Bosh 004 fuel pump, Red Top low pressure fuel pump, catch tank. MBE 9A4 ECU. Astra KIT-car manifold from ENEM. 2,5″ exhaust with racing Cat and Apple racing silencer.
Transmission: F20 with Quaife LSD and straight cut synchromesh gears. Oil cooler and pump for the transmission oil.
Chassis: Sellholm/Bilstein coilovers. All bushes changed for stiffer own manufactured ones. Upper and lower strut brace in the front by own design. Home made adjustable top mount for camber and caster in the front. 
Brakes: Front discs and calipers from Calibra Turbo with Performance Friction racing pads. Rear, original discs and calipers with racing pads.
Other info: Dry Weight 930kg dry. Power 225 bhp

We’re racing in the “NHSC” (Nordic Six Hour Championships) series in Sweden. Debut year 2010, and we won our class (class 2) in 2011. We will make comback again in autumn of 2013, now in class 3. 

Drivers names are:
Mattias Filande
Torbjörn Filander
Daniel Johansson
Per Tärnfjord

Opel Kadett GSI 1990