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Mark Straker of Moose Speed Race & Rally has been developing the Ford 1.6L EcoBoost engine for stage rallying, with a 34mm restrictor.

They are the sole agents for 1.6L EcoBoost rally kits, including:
Ford 1.6L EcoBoost engine kit producing 301bhp & 366lb.ft
MBE 9A6 ECU (containing ‘ready to rally’ calibration)
TurboTechnics turbo fitted with FIA 34mm restrictor
SAENZ rods
Omega pistons
Dry sump kits
Clutch & flywheel kits
WOSP race alternators
Closed deck block upgrades (including replacement performance liners)
Complete engine rebuilds/upgrades

Mark’s Darrian GTR

Darrian GTR

Mark Smith’s Darrian T90 GTR

Darrian T90 GTR

Jeremy’s Darrian T90 GTR+

Darrian T90 GTR+