Installing Easimap 6 & Updates using Windows 11

Includes possible Driver issues

This software is free of charge and the information within this instruction sheet will guide you through installing and setting it up. If you are still struggling with installation, we suggest that you contact an IT specialist for assistance because it will be a Windows issue, it may even be a new issue due to continual Windows Updates. If you are not good with IT, SBD can provide chargeable tech support, if it is a small issue e.g. to do with your installation a 10 minute TeamViewer slot may be suitable. For more advance training 1 hours slot can be bought. Please see our website for prices.

Easimap software has a Help file, which provides a lot of information about using the software. In addition, if you click on the ‘Crossed Tools’ icon, you will find a brief description of all the options within your map.

Free technical support is available on our website. If you require additional support and training, this is available at a chargeable rate.