Frans Verbaas, Verbaas Preparations

Mini – 2.0L XE, TP240 spec specially designed for his application

Astra – 2.0L XE

Frans Verbaas, Verbaas Preparations is based in Oud-Beijerland, near Rotterdam in southern Holland and has been specialising in building, developing and running rally cars for over 25 years.  Steve has travelled to his workshop on many occasions to tune various rally cars.

June 2017
Frans finished 1st in Class in the Barbados Rally 2017, in 1:23:34.31.

April 2017
Frans decided to enter the Barbados rally again in 2017, so he called into our workshop with his Vauxhall 2.0L XE powered Mini rally car. Because the oxygen content in Barbados is very low, the engines need to be mapped differently or run a different fuel. The locals always use a race fuel, so Frans brought the Mini in so we could make some changes, he had fitted a wide band lambda control system, which Steve linked to the MBE9A4 ECU, set the system up ready to self-adjust once it was in Barbados. The fuel selected is a high oxygen content, which we have used before and works very well in hot countries. Frans is now looking forward to getting the full potential from the engine. He has now dropped the car off at Portsmouth ready to be shipped to Barbados.

Mini - 2.0L XE, TP240 spec specially designed for Frans' application
Mini – 2.0L XE, TP240 spec specially designed for Frans’ application

Read the feature in Mini Magazine about his 2.0L XE powered Mini history and taking it to the Barbados Rally in 2010.

Mini Magazine, March 2010
Mini Magazine, March 2010