Citroen C1 Max – Vauxhall 1600cc 16v

Email received from Rhidian, March 2015.
Hi Craig /All at SBD 
To start I’m just going to say thank you for supplying an engine that does what it says on the box more than happy. Ordered a full 210 package with some extras and had 209.4, if I’m correct BHP @ 8300 and still pulling which was very nice to see. Also a big than you to Martin Jones the engine builder for assembling a brilliant little engine. 
Spec of the car:
The car was originally built by Harry Hockley as a one off for a customer in Ireland JJ Wall, also running an SBD 225 engine (which he will now campaign in his MK2 Escort later this year). So much time and thought was put into the car, it is pleasure to see and work on and hopefully take further.
Running Hockley independent rear end set up, 
Alcon Breaks All round,
Sadev ST 82 14 Gearbox
3 way proflex all round
Hockley Universal front uprights 
Motec M400 ECU it is turning out to be a fantastic little car.
Having not driven the car for any testing after rebuilding it from the purchase last April because of some last minute problems that always seem to crop up with these rally cars ha! Also not driven a car competitively in 2 and half years nearly, it was fair to say my nerves were fairly high and with such terrible weather conditions Sunday morning it did not help but I must say from the off the car felt good and tyres also and we felt as if we could push on a little more than expected maybe and setting a respectable first stage time was very nice. To be fair the day could not have gone much better from there out, our pace slowly coming back and finding our feet with the new car. We were heading into the last stage leading our class and 21st Overall which we were more than happy with a tad unlucky in the last stage as car hit some Armco barriers in front of us and cost us maybe a top 20 and First in class, but both crew members were ok and we still finished 23rd overall and 2nd in class which going into the weekend we would have taken with both arms, so hopefully with some tweaking and ironing out some small problems we will be out and finding our feet again soon… 
Tour of Epynt March 8th 2015 - Rhidian Daniels/Tomos Whittle (C1 Max Car 55)
Tour of Epynt March 8th 2015 – Rhidian Daniels/Tomos Whittle (C1 Max Car 55)