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Facebook comment received from Steven Gault in August 2017:
Just a short note to show the results of my updates on an old 230spec xe i did using parts i tecently got from yourselves and a rework of the head using 1mm bigger valves.. engine now 259bhp. Thanks. Regards Steven.
Email received July 2013 from Steven Gault, Ireland about our new Vauxhall throttle bodies: 
Just some feedback on your new vaux throttle bodies-
I had a customer bring me an ex Swindon 2.0l vaux. We dyno’d it at 233bhp. I removed the head and did a flowbench analysis on it . I reported it to the level I thought it should be and remachined the valve seats to my specs. I tested his current Jenvey throttle bodies and replaced them with your new latest design ones.
The engine was rebuilt with all the same parts and retested on our Superflow 902 engine dyno. Power was now 256bhp.
Client finished 13th overall in Donegal national rally last week and was really pleased.
Thanks for your help.
XE engine at DYNOtune
XE engine at DYNOtune