Empire Evo – Hayabusa GSX 1585cc

Ed Hollier’s Hayabusa GSX 1585cc powered Empire Evo is running a MBE9A4 ECU with traction control, launch control and flatshift.
2017 Events
Wiscombe Park 6Aug – British Hillclimb Run-off R15, 8th 37.23s, R16, 6th 36.48s
Harewood, 2July – British Hillclimb Run-off R15, 8th 51.22s, R16, 10th 52.27s
Shelsley Walsh, 4June – 1st in Class and run off win 26.80s
Prescott, May – 1st Midland Hillclimb Championship Top 12 Runoff & BTD with 37.57s.
Loton Park, 15 May – TTC Group Top Ten Challenge run off win
Gurston Down, August 2016