Jedi – 1.1 Jedi-Yamaha Mk1

Henryk has been running a standalone system trickshifter system on his Yamaha powered Jedi Mk1 controlling both up & down shift.

Email received from Henryk after fitting the trickshifter system to his car:

Hi Steve .
Just a quick note to say that I pulled a hat-trick on FTDs by the end of Sunday. I looked up my time for Curborough last year and bettered it by 4 seconds. Eynon P had FTD that day last year.
Sat 12th May FTD at Llandow beating Dave S by .09 second to get into the low 71s. Showers/damp/dry. Bettered last summer’s hot time of 72s.
Sun 13th may FTD at Llys y fran hill-climb, heavy rain/wet all day. Beat Eynon P of 49.31 to 48.93.
I am absolutely convinced that had I not fitted the trickshifter in no way would I have achieved these results and margins. so I’m all made up and very happy about the final outcome.
Wiscombe hill-climb this weekend with many entries. 8 in our class. Tony E is running on Sunday.
Hope you and Kim are fairing well, see you soon.

2008 Events
Brighton Speed Trials 2008 – 1st in Class: 11.28s
Wiscombe ‘Five Clubs’ 6Sept – 1st in Class: 50.77s
Wiscombe ‘Five Clubs’ 7Sept – 1st in Class: 42.13s

Henryk at Pembrey, June 2007
Picture: Kim Broughton
Henryk at Pembrey, June 2007
Picture: Kim Broughton

2007 Events
Aintree Sprint 30Jun – FTD 49.16s
Three Sisters 5Aug – 1st in Class, 4th Overall: 69.99s
Brighton Speed Trials 2007 – 1st in Class: 11.41s.