OMS25 – 3.2L V8 Radical

Jason’s OMS25 was powered by Radical 3.2V8 using MBE9A9 ECU controlling the electronic throttles (EGAS), gearbox control, launch control and traction control.

Events 2015 
Gurston Down 19July – 2nd FTD: 28.80s, Midland Hillclimb Championship: 2nd in 1st Run off, 3rd in 2nd Run off 
Bouley Bay 16 July – British Hillclimb Run off, 8th: new PB and final PB to beat the supercharged time ! 
Gurston Down 21 June – 2nd in Class: 39.00s
Gurston Down 20 June – FTD: 28.30s
Harewood 12 April – 3rd in Class: 58.06s
Loton Park 18 April – 2nd in Class: 49.30s 
Loton Park 19 April – 2nd in Class: 48.68s 
Loton Park 17 May – 5th in Class: 48.57s

Jason at Wiscombe 2014. Picture:Tim Wilson
Jason at Wiscombe 2014.
Picture:Tim Wilson

Events 2014
Bouley Bay 17July – 7th Overall: 40.11s finishing 7th in British Hillclimb Run Off R18
Wiscombe 26July – British Hillclimb 8th – R21 Top 12 Run-off – 37.66s, 10th – R22 Top 12 Run-off – 37.52s
Harewood 2Aug – FTD: 53.73s
Harewood 3Aug – FTD: 53.97s
Loton Park 9Aug – FTD: 50.75s
Fort Corblets, Alderney 18Sept – FTD: 21.03s
Le Grande Val, Alderney 19 Sept – FTD: 19.52s New Outright Record
Fort Torgis, Alderney 20 Sept – FTD: 23.63s