SBD Vauxhall Chevette, 2.0L XE

1980s & 1990s

Steve started rallying in the 80s with a Vauxhall Chevette powered originally by a 2.0L 8v engine, he then changed to a Vauxhall XE 16v engine to show what power levels could be attained with the 2.0L XE.
Steve at Portsmouth 1986
Steve at Portsmouth 1986

Excerpt from Countdown, Stages Rally Magazine July 1988; 
Car 20: S Broughton/M Bailey Chevette 2172 Lotus. Cosmo
GSB Sunroof Services; Longmead Service & Bodyshop, Epsom; RT Supplies.

Brakes failed on SS1 and we had lots of problems with cones. It’s got to get better! Brakes found on SS2 and co-driver seemed much more relaxed. Service crew performed a miracle as per usual! Going very well on SS3 until the gearbox stuck in third for the second half but – great news – 2nd fastest!
Depression returns on SS4 when the gearbox again jammed in third. Valiant Service Team hard at it. Fixed due to some great work by the boys and off onto SS5. Regained some time. Coil had also been replaced with one borrowed off the tow van but this let us down on SS6 when a crippling misfire lost us at least 20 seconds. Such is life! 
5th Overall.


Meon Motorsport Stages Rally, Thorney Island – 6th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:3808s 
Sutton & Cheams MC Goodwood Rally – 4th Overall, Steve & A Moreve:29m 12s 
Paco Press Stages, Goodwood – 8th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:1316s 
Industrial Weighing Systems Stages, Goodwood – 5th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:1670s 
Bob Massey Stages, Goodwood – 6th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:30m 29s 
Solent Stages, Lee-on-Solent – 7th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:55m 54s 
Diamond Jubilee Southsea Stages, Goodwood – 3rd Overall, Steve & M Bailey:1745s 
ACSNC Championship Jubilee Stages, Goodwood – 2nd Overall, Steve & M Bailey:23m 18s
Tarmac Stages, Goodwood – 7th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:1825s 
Prewell Stages, Longcross – 9th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:61m 19s 
Solent Stages – 7th Overall, Steve & M Bailey:3354s 

Steve at Goodwood 1992
Steve at Goodwood 1992

Fast Car October 1992

Fast Car October 1992
Fast Car October 1992

‘Visit any club rally event and in addition to the traditional tuned Escorts, Sunbams and Mantas you’ll also find one-off creations purely for the closed tarmac or loose stages. Included in this category are Vauxhall Chevettes powered by the Astra 16v twin cam motor. 

One such machine is owned by Steve Broughton. Originally fitted with a two litre 8v motor, this car proved quick but at breaking rocker fingers, so 16v power was decided upon.

The car was built by Steve and co-owner and regular navigator Martin Bailey. So far this combination has won six trophies, including first in class. And when the Chevette finishes, it’s generally in the top seven.

The underlying theme throughout the project was not to ‘bodge’ anything. As Martin is a skilled sheet metal worker by trade and Steve runs Vauxhall tuners SB Developments, the build was approached with a professional attitude. This started with a solid shell instead of a rusty carcass. 

All the components were chosen to support a 200bhp motor, Steve wanting to show what was possible with an essentially standard engine. However, the output was increased to 220bhp to make the car more competitive, so some of the components are approaching the limit of their performance.

We invited Steve up to Bruntingthorpe to see what the car was capable of. True to form, as the Correvitt timing equipment was being fitted, the skies opened and it bucketed down for around an hour.

However, time was pressing on so we tested the car anyway. Even with wheel spin all the way through first gear, the car still managed to hit 60mph in 5 1/2 seconds and cover the 1/4 mile in 14 seconds.’

Complete Fast Car, October 1992 Feature

Fast Car September 1993

Fast Car also featured Steve’s Chevette as part of a feature on Vauxhall variations, which also featured Christian Silk’s Westfield and Paul Hudson’s Vauxhall Astra.

Fast Car September 1993
Fast Car September 1993
Fast Car September 1993
Fast Car September 1993

Complete Fast Car, September 1993 Feature