SBD Westfield – 2.0L XE (Sports Libre)



After being banned from the road going class in 1995, the modifications we carried out through the year on the road going Westfield were really only small adjustments so we could do to get the best out of the car. So for the 1996 season we had Westfield build us a lightweight race chassis & leave a few bits of the chassis itself for us to finish off.

We then set about designing a new engine with more torque & horsepower than the 1995 season:
2.0L XE, 270bhp with SBD Taper throttle bodies
Steel rods,
Omega pistons,
Steel crankshaft – evolved from previous year
MBE970 with launch control.

SBD Westfield - 2.0L XE
SBD Westfield – 2.0L XE

We lightened as many components as possible for the new car & Steve even designed some improvements to the front suspension with the help of Richard Jenvey from Jenvey Dynamics. They were only small changes, but would have a significant improvement to the front end grip of the car. A friend of Steve’s, John Schnieder loaned him his 4-speed Quaife dog gearbox as he had been having problems with the synchromesh gearbox. 

The wheels were changed from 15″ to 13″ diameter because of a wider choice of tyre compounds & the reduction in weight. When the car was finally finished, they went off to test the new car, which seemed far more nimble & definitely quicker than the old car.

CCC featured the Westfield in the July 1996 issue

Steve drove the car during 1996 at the following events.

Gurston Down, 20 Apr – 1st in Class 34.49s
Curborough, 4 May – 2nd Overall, 1st in Class 32.38s
Speedscene reports: ‘Steve Broughton driving with his usual panache, was first in Class G. At 109mph, the SBD Westfield-Vauxhall was not only fastest through the finish speed trap, but Steve’s 32.38s run was beaten only by FTD man John Payne single seater Lant’ 
Goodwood 25 May – 2nd Overall, 1st in Class 85.44s
Speedscene reports: ‘An outstanding time by Steve Broughton in Class F, SBD Westfield, first in a four car group on 85.44, can be seen in it’s true glory as second quickest of the day.’
Pembrey 8 June – 1st in Sports Libre Class 82.92s.
Speedscene reports: ‘With the three top 2-litre Sports Libres all at run off pace, Steve Broughton’s effective SBD Westfield-Vauxhall swept all before it’ 
Valence, 6 July – 1st in Class 31.11s 
Castle Combe, 13 July – FTD 56.99s
Speedscene reports: ‘With it’s F1 style skirts, splitters and rear underbody appendages, Steve Broughton’s SBD Westfield lorded it over the pure racing cars to take FTD at Bristol MC & LCC’s ‘Combe round of the CCC/BARC/HSA Speed Championship’ 
Raynham, 21 July – Dick was 1st in Class 107.95s 
Goodwood, 1 Sept – 1st in Class 86.10s 
Brighton Speed Trials, 14 Sept – Steve: 1st in Class 11.23s, finishing speed 125mph; Dick: Brighton & Hove Handicap Cup winner 11.57s finishing speed 122mph 
Curborough, 5 Oct – 1st in Class 31.21s & fastest finish 109mph 

Steve at Gurston Down, 1996
Steve at Gurston Down, 1996