Tim & Josh Simpson

Sunbeam – 2.0L XE

Autograss – 1.4L 8v

Josh’s Autograss car is running a 1400cc 8v using our MBE9A4, loom and fuel system.
Autograss - 1.4L 8v

Tim’s Sunbeam is powered by a 2.0L XE using our high torque 278/269 solid profile cams with accompanying double valve springs and Titanium valve caps, 87mm Omega 3 ring pot pistons and we supplied him with various gaskets, including our new SBD Spec Cometic head gasket, bolts, etc to complete the engine build.

Sunbeam - 2.0L XE

Message received from Tim, 11th March 2014: 
‘Been on rollers today at Daytuner. Engine is absolutely mint! Job well done by all involved!’

Email recieved from Tim Simpson, March 2014:
Hello Craig,
Pics of mine and my son’s car if you would like to put them on your site.
The Sunbeam was a very famous car in the early 80’s with my late father Brian Simpson.
My son Josh is competing in the usual BAS autograss championship and we have high hopes for him this season.
As you can probably tell from the pictures my preparation is precise. Both cars are prepared by myself and my son. 
I have dealt with SBD for a lot of years and the advice and quick service has always been excellent. I actually supplied you with the first Duratec engine you had on display a number of years ago!
I am happy to put SBD on both cars if you send me some stickers.
Got the car running yesterday, Started first time and runs mint. Well chuffed. Just booked it in to Daytuner to be set up.

Pictures: Phill Andrews

Picture: Phill Andrews
Picture: Phill Andrews