Westfield – 2.0L XE

In response to a Facebook post about XE engine, Ricky forwarded us some pictures of his 2.0 XE powered Westfield

Westfield 2.0L XE

My xe motor after coming from a 560hp Sierra Cosworth
Had a custom SBD badge made even for the rear of the Westfield as it had a vxr badge previously.

Westfield, 2.0L XE

Quick spec:

Omega 12.5:1 pistons
Steel rods
Std early crank
Std head and valves
Dry sump system from you guys
Steel fixed pulleys
Solid lifters with titanium valve gear
450 cams
45mm itb’s
Simpson exhaust system
242hp on a rolling road

Westfield 2.0L XE