1.6L XE Oil Catch Tank for wet sump engines

This catch tank was designed for use with a race championship where dry sump systems were not allowed, please note that it is not a perfect fix and for motorsport applications we would only recommend the use of dry sump.

The 1.6L 16v engine has a tendency to lift the oil out of the wet sump and retain it in the crank area, losing huge amounts of performance. It also prevents the oil from draining back from the cylinder head and forces oil into the cam cover and then expels it from the engine.

The only partial fix that we found for this was to disconnect the breather tube that passes from the block to the cam cover and connect the block breather to the catch tank, then blank this large pipe on the cam cover. Blank the smallest tube on the cam cover and then connect the breather to the catch tank.

You will not prevent the catch tank from filling with oil, so you will then need to fit a drain into the sump pan above the oil level, so that the oil can return to the engine from the catch tank.

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