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Duratec High Spec Motorsport Cam Followers for 16v Engine

MRP Without VAT:£31.00

MRP With VAT:£37.20


Duratec High Spec Motorsport Cam Followers for 16v Engine


Duratec Motorsport Cam Followers for 16v Engine, available in various sizes.

The Duratec has been produced since 2004, the cam follower used is also the shim, so you buy the appropriate follower to adjust your tappet clearance. The original Ford follower was made in a reasonable quality material to deal with the stresses of a normal production engine. SBD have used these on our own and customer engines that use our own valve train components. It was effectively 99% trouble free, however we have heard reports of other engines having issues with the standard follower and in recent years this seems to have become more common. After investigation, SBD believe that the follower production has been moved to what is called ‘second tier manufacturing’ and we think the quality has reduced.

Over the past 2 years, we have been testing a custom follower made from the same material as the followers used in all our other engines and these have been 100% reliable, so we are now only recommending the use the uprated follower. They are more expensive, but this is due to their material specification and production costs.

They come in a range of sizes, 3.025mm, 3.075mm, 3.122mm, 3.162mm, 3.202mm, 3.242mm, 3.282mm, 3.322mm, 3.362mm, 3.402mm, 3.442mm, 3.482mm, 3.522mm, 3.562mm, 3.602mm, 3.650mm & 3.700mm. Please include the sizes you require when ordering.

Important Note:
We suggest that you build and initially shim your engine with either your original followers or new Ford followers to get the sizes correct, then order the high spec followers based on the sizes listed. This is because we cannot take back or exchange followers.

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