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2.0/2.3L Duratec CNC Portwork with Valves 37/31mm + New Seats

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2.0L/2.3L Duratec CNC Port Work with Big Valves 37/31mm + New Seats


2.0L – 2.3L Duratec CNC port work with +2mm inlet valves and +1mm exhaust valves (inlet:37mm, exhaust:31mm), larger inlet valve seats and standard guides, performance up to 310bhp for 2.0L and 325bhp for 2.3L.

Important Note:
Although the flow of this head specification is higher than the version with the version with 36mm inlet valve (+1mm), due to the proximity of the valve to the edge of the bore, this limits potential gains if using the standard 87.5mm bore size. Gains will increase if you are using the 88mm bore size, but this will take you over 2.0L so it is recommended only to be used on a larger bore size.

All the Duratec head performance figures are based on the 2008-on Focus high port head. Read more information about Duratec cylinder heads

Earlier heads are likely to produce 10-15bhp less. The maximum performance figures shown are based on using our components; we cannot confirm what your gains would be with non-SBD components. The results should be similar for the 2.0L & 2.3L Duratec, just produced at different rpm. Please refer to our kits for more information.

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