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2.0L XE Steel Rod Set, 143mm

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Instruction Sheets: RB3-L19 Rod Bolt Instructions


2.0L XE Steel Rod Set, 143mm


2.0L 16v Steel rod set 143mm, suitable for standard crankshaft. Manufactured by Saenz to our design. Suitable for use with SBD/Omega pot pistons.
Weight approx 516g.

This design of rod has several improvements which benefit the engine. There are two vertical grooves on the side of the rod, this directs the oil spray as it exits the big end vertically upwards towards the pin and the crown of the piston,. This has two benefits, it helps to supply lubricant directly to the gudgeon pin also the cool jet of oil to the underside of the crown of the piston helps to reduce the temperature of the piston itself. On the small end, we have repositioned the oil hole which feeds the small end bush. This is because the one at the top which is normally used effectively weakens the rod itself which increases the possibility of breakage when the rod is brought down by the crankshaft. By moving the oil hole to the side of the rod, there is far more material in this area to help maintain its strength.

SBD/Omega piston options:

Because of the above modifications it is no longer necessary to supply an oil feed through the bearing, even if your bearing still has a hole for the oil jet, it does not reduce its improvement, the hole is simply filled with oil and the pressure in this area is maintained.

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