1.4L Vauxhall Air Filters, Boxes and Back plates

ITG Sausage Air Filter, 65mm Internal Depth

SKU: AR-FS50-065

MRP Without VAT:£124.00

MRP With VAT:£148.80

ITG Sausage Air Filter, 100mm Internal Depth

SKU: AR-FS50-100

MRP Without VAT:£128.00

MRP With VAT:£153.60

ITG Sausage Air Filter, 125mm Internal Depth

SKU: AR-FS50-125

MRP Without VAT:£132.00

MRP With VAT:£158.40

ITG Sausage Air Filter, 150mm Internal Depth

SKU: AR-FS50-150

MRP Without VAT:£145.00

MRP With VAT:£174.00

Custom Made Air Filters £POA


MRP Without VAT:£0.00

MRP With VAT:£0.00

1.6L/1.4L Vauxhall Air Filter Back Plate

SKU: AR-BP-29/JC50

MRP Without VAT:£41.00

MRP With VAT:£49.20

Alloy Back Plate Blank for JC50


MRP Without VAT:£41.00

MRP With VAT:£49.20

Carbon Fibre Airbox & Base Kit


MRP Without VAT:£388.00

MRP With VAT:£465.60