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Bellhousing for standard input shaft 173mm

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Duratec bellhousing for standard input shaft 173mm


The Duratec bellhousings we produce are for coupling to the Ford Type gearbox and we produce 2 lengths of bellhousings. This short version is 173cm and is for use with the Ford gearboxes RS2000 4 speed & Sierra 5 speed.
This bellhousing is designed for use with an hydraulic clutch slave cylinder mechanism.
Important note: It should be noted that if you have a Quaife gearbox, the input shaft quite often comes with a long spigot, this may need to be shortened by the user as it will bottom out in the end of the crankshaft. Care must be taken when checking the bellhousing length required, that the spigot shaft is not giving a false reading making it appear that the bellhousing you require is actually shorter than measured.

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