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High Spec Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit – 50mm Fulcrum Point


We have a new high specification clutch slave cylinder, it is very compact and lightweight. It has been designed to use the highest quality materials and seals to give extended life. The port size M8 x 1mm.

It comes complete with a release bearing fitted.

This version has a 50mm fulcrum point suitable for use on the majority of 7.25” (184mm) AP clutches as well as most other clutches of this type, please check your fulcrum point from your clutch supplier.

We produced this kit using the new slave cylinder design that allows it to be a direct replacement for the Titan version of slave cylinder and allows you to bolt it directly in place of the original unit.*

*When replacing the Titan version, please check the installed height is the same as the unit you are removing and if not, you may need to make changes to your installation to ensure correct operation of the clutch.

There is a 40mm fulcrum point kit CLT-HCA-40-TTV-KIT-01 suitable for 5.5” (140mm) TTV & AP clutches and 7.25” (184mm) and 5.5” (140mm) PTT clutches.

There is a 46mm fulcrum point kit CLT-HCA-46-TTV-KIT-01 suitable for 7.25” (184mm) TTV clutches and some other 7.25″ (184mm) clutches, please check your fulcrum point from your clutch supplier.

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