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Heavy Duty Hayabusa Shift Shafts

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Heavy Duty Hayabusa Shift Shafts


The heavy-duty shift shafts are designed to replace the original tubular versions. The standard item has a tendency to distort in use & sometimes permanently bend particularly in motorsport use, this upsets the selector fork alignment, which can cause missed gears, incorrectly selected gears & even the gearbox to jump out of gear. Thus speeding up the wear of the gearbox itself. Whereas the heavy-duty ones are made of solid machined steel thus preventing the distortion so eliminating the above problems.

In many cases, people didn’t realise they had a problem until they fitted the new shafts whereupon the gear changes were even smoother & faster. With the combination of the shift rods & close ratio gear kits, the gear change is much slicker. We have tested the shafts during the last few seasons.

GEAR-B-BUSA-SS-HD on PRS Racing's Mini

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