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Hayabusa Gearbox Selector Drum

MRP Without VAT:£810.00

MRP With VAT:£972.00


Hayabusa Gearbox Selector Drum


Hayabusa Gearbox Selector Drum Neutral, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6th Selector Drum (SP/M8 Req)

The new selector drum is designed for use with electronic paddleshift systems, where Neutral is moved to below 1st gear.
This is useful for several reasons;
1. On the standard selector drum where Neutral occurs between 1st & 2nd, it can on some occasions particularly when wheel-spinning and changing from 1st to 2nd drop into the Neutral position causing a mis-shift.
2. When finding Neutral, the strategy required to nudge the gearbox into Neutral without overshooting is quite complex and it takes longer for Neutral to be selected, where having Neutral below 1st gear, it is a positive shift from 1st to Neutral.

The selector drum is CNC machined from a solid, the end cases are then welded on to the drum where it is then finished machined and detailed. The material is extremely high quality and designed to give the smoothest shifts as possible.

You will also require special bolt GEAR-B-BUSA-DRM-02, which has been upgraded to M8 thread size to replace the weaker standard bolt.

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