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Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit

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Hayabusa Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit


There have been several clutch slave cylinder kits on the market; we have improved the design by creating our own piston. This allows the use of a stainless steel pin, very similar to that used on the standard Suzuki clutch slave. We have produced a fitting kit CLT-HCA-BUSA-FTK-01K, shown separately, which is designed for use with our dry sump system.

However if you wish to space the slave cylinder at a different distance from the engine to suit a special installation, our new piston design allows you to shorten the pin, which comes with the fitting kit very easily, to accommodate your requirements. Shown below on our display engine with the fitting kit.

CLT-HCA-BUSA-01K  on SBD Hayabusa display engine

Our slave cylinder kit can be used with a standard water pump on wet sump engines. Please see pictures below.

CLT-HCA-BUSA-01K with standard water pumpCLT-HCA-BUSA-01K with standard water pump

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