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Hayabusa SBD Dry Sump Kit


Our Hayabusa dry sump system is one of the most popular products we sell, they are now sold worldwide and quite often sell faster than we can get them made. Our kits are supplied direct to some Kit Car manufacturers. We are pleased to say the our dry sump systems have been highly successful in may disciples, including: the Danish Seven Racing Champion Steffen Hansen and the American Salt flats speed record bike.

Please download the Hayabusa dry sump installation instructions, which provides more information and allows you see the system in much greater detail. You can see not only how to fit it, but also how much care has been taken in its design.

The Cometic gasket GSK-SUZ-H-SMP is included in the kit.

Key Factors in our Design

Remote PRV (pressure relief valve) housing for pressure stabilisation
After various tests and prototypes, we found the standard PRV position causes pressure fluctuations due to the valve no longer being submerged. We have engineered a remote housing with oil recirculation.

Pump removal in situ – no need to remove sump
The twin stage scavenge oil pump, which replaces the original water pump (you will need to use an electric pump) has been designed so it can be removed and fitted whilst the sump is in place, this allows the user to inspect many components without having to remove the sump or disassemble the engine further. The pump mounts directly to our billet dry sump pan without the need for any hoses.

Internal scavenge channels
The sump was designed in 2 neat pieces; the main part of the sump has channels machined into it allowing the dry sump system to scavenge oil from both front and back of the sump pan, so there is no need for any external scavenge pipes. The pan is then closed with a thin top plate, which is bonded to the main part of the sump pan. You will only need to provide a supply from your dry sump tank & a return to the tank (via oil cooler if required).

M8 mounting lugs for semi-stressed applications
We have also added 4 x M8 fixing holes to 31mm deep sump pan. The billet is extremely rigid and these mounting lugs allow the user to bolt the sump to a chassis of a car, if required to further increase the strength of their installation.

No baffles required – faster oil evacuation
There are several reasons why we have not fitted a baffle plate. A baffle plate is designed to retain oil below it, so if the engine was wet sump there would be oil in the sump itself and as the vehicle corners, the baffle is designed to slow the oil movement beneath the baffle to stop it escaping. When an engine is dry sump, in theory there is no oil in the sump itself and therefore the baffle becomes an unnecessary component as there is no oil to retain. The other problem with using a baffle is that any oil that is falling into the sump itself will be slowed by the baffle, but in effect this is the opposite to what you need and any oil that is making its way to the sump should be allowed to reach it as quickly as possible, because the moment it reaches the sump the scavenge pumps then extract the oil and return it to the tank as quickly as possible.

Standard oil cooler delete
The standard oil cooler option has been removed from our dry sump system, because there was always a considerable oil pressure drop when used. Whatever we tried, there would always be a pressure drop and as many Hayabusa owners would know, oil pressure is quite high when the engine is cold and as the engine heats up and the crank cases would grow, oil pressure would drop huge amounts. We have even seen oil pressure of 2PSI at tickover, if you only fit the oil cooler to the scavenge side, the pressure part of the system does not have to work as hard and we have seen significantly more oil pressure under all temperatures.

Provision for Turbo return
If you are going to equip your engine with a turbo, we have created a special -8JIC fitting that replaces the front scavenge filter cap OS-DSK-BUSA-TURBO-C01. See instruction sheet for more information.

We have revised our Hayabusa drysump kit scavenge fittings to further improve maintenance. The new design makes it even easier to remove and refit the scavenge pump without removing the sump.
OS-DSK-BUSA-01 SBD dry sump system revised fittings

We have produced a clutch slave cylinder kit especially for use with our dry sump kit CLT-HCA-BUSA-01K.

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