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Turbo Drain -8JIC Fitting suitable for OS-DSK-BUSA-02

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Instruction Sheets: OS-DSK-BUSA-02 Hayabusa Dry Sump Instructions


Turbo Drain -8JIC Fitting suitable for SBD Hayabusa Dry Sump Kit OS-DSK-BUSA-02


If you are going to equip your engine with a turbo, we have created a special -8JIC fitting that replaces the front scavenge filter cap. Because this is now connected to the suction side of the scavenge system, it will aid oil drainage from the turbo. It is produced with -8JIC.

It is recommended that you fit a filter between your turbo drain and the fitting on the dry sump system, this is to protect your oil system if you have any kind of failure with your turbo. Please see our OS-DSK-BUSA-02 dry sump instructions for more information.

OS-DSK-BUSA-TURBO-C01 on Hayabusa display engine

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