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Hayabusa Gen1 Camshaft Pair 260/248 Regrind

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Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa Camshaft Fitting Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa Cam Timing Instruction Sheet
Instruction Sheets: Camshaft Running in Procedure


Hayabusa Gen 1 Camshaft Pair Regrind Inlet:260deg/9.70mm lift Exhaust:248deg/9.30mm lift


This profile for the Gen 1 Hayabusa engine is achieved with two standard inlet cams (supplied by customer), which are then reground to a profile which is larger than can be ground onto the original exhaust camshaft.

This gives a further increase in horsepower yet still retaining standard springs & cams.
Expected performance gains 20+BHP* (*this depends on the engine build, more or less can be gained depending on total spec of your engine)

To achieve the best performance from these camshafts, we recommend between 13:1 to 14:1 compression ratio. You will mostly likely need to modify the pistons if you are using standard pistons to ensure there is sufficient valve to piston clearance. You may not be able to reach the optimum compression with the stock piston but you will still get good performance gains even if using the standard pistons.

We only recommend the use of our cam profiles with vernier cam pulleys so you can optimise the cam timing and during the build, you must check valve to piston clearance and modify the pistons or replace with a competition piston if extra clearance is required. We recommend a minimum of 40-60thou (1-1.5mm).

If you are attempting to increase the compression ratio, the Hayabusa as standard normally has a large squish sometimes in excess of 40thou (1mm), we recommend a minimum of 30thou but this will obviously reduce your valve to piston clearance so care will need to be taken and careful measuring should be taken by the engine builder.

Please note

In order to grind the CM-BUSA-03R2 profiles the customer must provide 2 standard Hayabusa Gen 1 inlet cams, this is because the Gen 1 exhaust cam has insufficient material to regrind to the new profile. The additional inlet cam supplied, would then be converted into an exhaust cam and ground to the new profile. We sometimes have stock single inlet cams, please see related products below. Alternatively, we can produce a steel billet, but this is at increased cost.

Please see instruction sheets for information regarding the camshafts, their installation & running in.

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