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Hayabusa Gen1 Camshaft Pair 260/248 Regrind

MRP Without VAT:£346.29

MRP With VAT:£415.55

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Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa Camshaft Fitting Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa Cam Timing Instruction Sheet
Instruction Sheets: Camshaft Running in Procedure


Hayabusa Gen 1 Camshaft Pair Regrind 260deg/9.70mm lift 248deg/9.30mm lift


This profile for the Gen 1 Hayabusa engine is achieved with two standard inlet cams (supplied by customer), which are then reground to a profile which is larger than can be ground onto the original exhaust camshaft. This gives a further increase in horsepower yet still retaining standard springs & cams. If you do not have another inlet cam, we can produce a steel billet, this is at increased cost.
Please see instruction sheets for information regarding the camshafts, their installation & running in.

999 in stock