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Heavy Duty Air Temperature Sensor – Plastic Tip


The AT2 air temp sensor is a more robust sensor, the sensitive tip is fitted within a plastic housing to improve durability.  This sensor is ideal for use in turbo, supercharged and other high stress applications. Thread:M12x1.5
All our air temperature sensors use the same calibrations as Bosch, Nippon Denso & Lucas. They are ideal for use with our MBE ECUs & many other makes. They use a 2-way mini-timer connector. We normally recommend that this measures ambient air temperature as opposed to being fitted to the air filter back plate which normally suffers from heat stroke in most installations particularly rallying, sprinting, etc. where the car is kept stationary with a hot engine for periods of time. Only forced induction system must have the air temp sensor in the intake or engines where they are used for endurance events where the sensors are continually cooled by passing air. NOTE: Once a sensor becomes heat soaked, it takes on average 5-10 minutes of running in fresh air before it begins to measure a true incoming air temperature.

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