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Bosch Type Electric Water Pump suitable for Busa

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Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa Cooling System with electric water pump


Bosch Type Electric Water Pump suitable for Hayabusa


Bosch Type small electric water pump, suitable for Hayabusa engines.

The small Bosch water pump has been used by us on our own 300+ BHP supercharged car and many race cars which are normally aspirated and turbo charged without any problems. It has come to our attention that some people have become worried that this pump is too small.

It must be remembered that a standard mechanical water pump has to work at RPM ranging from idle to over 11000 RPM in some cases. You should realise that if you have been driving your car or bike flat out and come to idle, the heat that has been generated is still in the engine, it does not instantly get removed by the cooling system. The mechanical water pump is now being turned at a very low speed in comparison with what it was doing when you were driving flat out, therefore the pump itself needs to be sufficiently large enough to pump this hot water away from the engine & into the radiator.

The electric pump does not have this problem, as it moves the water through the radiator fast enough to efficiently cool the engine. You must also understand that it is not a question of how fast it can move the water through the engine, it’s a question of moving it at the right speed so the heat transfers correctly from the engine to the coolant, then from the coolant into the radiator. The small electric pump we have found is ideal for this, even if not used with a control system, the engine thermostat must always been removed to allow correct flow. Ideally the pump should be controlled by a control unit, if you are using our MBE ECUs these can control the water pump & vary its speed according to temperature. If however you are not using one of our ECUs, we can supply a standalone controller made by Davies Craig.

If you still feel you would like a bigger pump, the Davies Craig EP80 pump (SBD part number: WT-PM5-EWP-1) is more than sufficient for any engine, but this must be used with a controller otherwise the pump’s flow rate unchecked is much too high.

See the attached pdf for the SBD Hayabusa suggested cooling system layout with electric water pump with thermostat removed.

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