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Flatshift Gear Knob for Upshift Only

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Flatshift Gear Knob for Upshift Only


Flatshift Gear Knob with upshift output only. 2 wire type. M12 thread fixing (the gear knob can be disassembled by the user/machine shop and modified to accept different threads, there is a reasonable amount of material to allow this to be done).

This new gear knob has been designed for use with sequential gearboxes. This is ideal for use with the Quaife G60 and Tractive gearboxes, also with the Sadev gearbox particularly where customers struggle to set up the standard built in powershift switch. There is no output for downshift. It has a built in internal trigger, which can be linked into ECUs capable of powershift.

In order to keep the design simple, there is a trigger switch built in to the gear knob, the force required to trigger it can be adjusted by the user, either by moving the switch position within the gear knob or by changing the o-ring resistance to allow for varying loads to suit users needs. The red & blue wires go directly to the internal switch, one side (either colour) would be run to the Powershift pin on the ECU (which is programmable within MBE9A* series ECUs) and the other to a power ground or chassis ground, so that when force is applied to the gear knob to change gear the internal switch is triggered and the powershift strategy within the ECU commences. It can either be used as a simple trigger or with more advanced strategies as available in the MBE ECUs. If a drum position sensor is available, completion of the powershift can be controlled using the gear position sensor.

Also available with a SureSeal connector fitted GEAR-PS-SWT-KNOB-01K

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