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Hyd Pressure Switch for Clutch/Gearbox Control

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Hydraulic Pressure Switch for use with SBD Gearbox Control System


This hydraulic pressure switch (3/8″ UNF thread) is used on the SBD/MBE gearchange systems used with MBE9A9/9A6 ECUs, which have a hydraulic clutch. It is used to replace the bolt on the master cylinder that holds the clutch line in place. it is fitted with a 2-way male Sureseal.

The pressure switch can be used for 2 functions:
1. When selecting a gear from Neutral, if the switch is not fitted, the user has to push and hold the Neutral button and then pull a paddle to select a gear. If the clutch switch is fitted, when the clutch pedal is pressed, the ECU knows that the clutch pedal is being operated and therefore will allow the paddles to be used to select a gear, this prevents accidental selection of a gear, for example if somebody was to lean into the car when the engine is running and accidently catch a paddle so selecting a gear.
2. It can also be used for preventing downshifts if the clutch is depressed when the vehicle is travelling at speed. This is designed to limit the possibility of damage to the engine when the engine is disconnected from the gearbox and over-revving the engine when the clutch is released*.

*In order for this set up to function, the vehicle would have to be fitted with four wheel speed sensors and calibrated by your/the Mapper/Programmer during setup on vehicle.

Please note that this function cannot prevent damage to the engine due to rate of change e.g. engine accelerating beyond its designed maximum rate of acceleration.

This switch is not for use with SBD Launch Control, see SWT-MICRO-SL-LL-SS.

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