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Hayabusa SBD Taper Body Kit for ’99 – 2007 engines

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Instruction Sheets: TP-BUSA-T50K SBD Taper Throttle Body Set-up Instructions


Hayabusa SBD Taper Body Kit for ’99 – 2007 engines


The Suzuki Hayabusa TP50 throttle bodies have superseded the TP48s & have been improved to be more compact with even better throttle response. They have new butterfly & injector positioning which improves fuel atomisation giving the potential for more horsepower. In tests, the design was so good that an extra set of injectors is not necessary.
This kit comprises of throttle bodies which are of a tapered design they have a 52mm entry tapering down to a 50mm butterfly then continuing to the optimal size to match to the cylinder head, connecting levers, fuel rail & fixings. The casting is optimised to give the lightest casting possible.
The air horns either AH52-19S or AH52-69S are sold as separately to the throttle bodies as the length required is dependant on your engine specification.
TP-BUSA-T50K on SBD Hayabusa display engine

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